Community Manager / Social Media Manager
Creative Assembly | 
September 2020 – June 2021

Positioned within the wider Brand Marketing department to develop and implement innovative digital strategy, working directly with Brand Managers and Content Producers while reporting to the Lead Community and Social Media Manager.

Management of social media accounts both for announce/release campaigns and regular community engagements, including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Steam Community, Discord and Forums. Crafting copy authentic to the Total War tone of voice, tailoring posts to each platform's strengths. Maintaining a consistent high quality while encouraging strong engagement, making use of additional tools like Twitter Studio and Facebook Creator Studio.

Ensuring correct assets are briefed with the Content team to draw full potential of each platform, such as vertical content for Instagram. Keeping mindful of and striving to continually improve on accessibility of posts. Pitched, headed and executed launch strategy for the official Total War Discord alongside WARHAMMER III announcement. Built server from scratch with a colleague, launched to great success and is both Verified and Partnered.

Influencer / Content Creator
Twitch/YouTube | 
October 2013 – September 2020

Content Creation: Day-to-day set up, execution and monitoring of live streaming and video recording. Use of video and audio software, chatbot applications, and social media to drive engagement. On-screen presenting, hosting and entertaining.

Community Management: Creation and administration of social forums through Discord, Twitter, and other platforms. Maximizing social media outreach via SEO and trends. Fostered and mentored many aspiring creators as well as established peers with core skills to grow and succeed.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Collaborating with clients to deliver effective campaigns, driving meaningful engagements to combined audiences. Spearheading community events, giveaways, link registrations, and increasing traffic to store/website landing pages.

Content Specialist / Host
Milky Tea Studios | May 2020 – Jun 2020 (Short term contractor role)

Branded Video Creation: Conceptualizing, scripting, recording, and editing Milky Tea branded videos for use on official channels. Certify content has excellent flow and integrity, while ensuring key deliverables.

Twitch Livestream Host: End-to-end orchestration of Milky Tea Twitch livestreams on the official channel. On-screen presenting, hosting, and gaming while maintaining a clean stream. Managing scenes, captures, audio, and schedule. Encoded with dedicated tech and expertise.

Community Manager / Social Media Manager
SteelSeries | May 2018 – Dec 2018 (Short term contractor role)

Community Management: Twitter account manager and face of the UK branch. Creation and execution of unique posts. Driving engagement to the UK and primary US accounts. Liaison for influencers and charity organizations/events. Produced and maintained events and giveaways.

Brand Management: Promotion of SteelSeries products, services, and partners. Liaison for esports and retail partners. Analysing industry trends within the gaming and tech space. Reported feedback and suggestions for improvements. Increased account followers from 6K to 10.4K over 8 months, and co-ordinated to attain verified account status.

Ambassador / Host / Influencer Relations
NEOWIZ Corp. | Nov 2018 – Dec 2018 (Short term contractor role)

Bless Online Ambassador: Face of the Bless Online presence on Twitch. Build a long-term audience, community, and gathering place for the Bless IP. Fostered other Bless Online creators. Encourage inflow of new and returning players while retaining current players. Marketing special events across LightItUpDan branded social media platforms. Reported directly to Neowiz Bless Studio team in a strong advisory capacity. Provided feedback, suggestions and solutions for long-term growth.